Pakse City is located on a corner of different remarkable sites : Vat Phou, Archaeological site but also an actual pilgrim destination, Boloven Plateau with his fresh air, natural waterfalls, coffee and tea plantation, the 2 Golf Parks, the 4000 islands in the south,...

Vat Phou World Heritage Site

Champasak District - 45km from Pakse

Located at the foot of a mountain range dominated by Phou Khao (mountain with the summit in the shape of Linga), the angkorian site of Vat Phou is spread over several levels to arrive at the sanctuary which was fed by a spring coming from the sacred mountain, in Champasak district.

Silk fabrics

Weaving at Ban Saphai and Don Kho

18km and 10km, on the north of Pakse, You can see on these places the real traditional weavings.  We can organise for you a discovery tour to these villages.

Coffee from Bolaven Plateau

Bolaven Plateau - 25km from Pakse

Located on a plateau of volcanic origin, starting about fifty kilometers from Pakse, the Bolovens plateau (or bolavens name of a local ethnic group) has a climate much cooler and wetter than on the plain. Plantations of coffee and teas are harvested in this region, as well as numerous fruits and vegetables.


Waterfalls an the Bolaven Plateau

The bolaven plateau is the place of a numerous waterfalls, some are  developed but also you can access to some wild waterfalls, with adequate informations.

Pakse Golfs - 2 Parks

Pakse Golf Parks - 5km and 6km from Pakse center

With its 9 and 18 holes, the 2 Golf parks are located on the hills of Pakse and one overlooking the Mekong, the Pakse golf course welcomes you on its 4-5 hours technical course with a panoramic view.

Xe-Pian - protected area

Xe-Pian - wild area

The Xe Pian National Protected Area (NPA) is considered to be one of the top three most biologically important nature reserves in Laos. On the border of this NPA, we can see elephants, large water birds.

To get more informations about the beauties of southern Laos, you can access to this website : www.southern-laos.com

About Residence Sisouk

Near the shopping/restaurant area and close to Wat Luang, the main Buddhist Pagoda of the district, you may experience  Pakse lifestyle, making the most of comfort that our staff offers you. This old family house, recently renovated, is full of memories and history, and will surely please your senses and emotions

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